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Image by Scott Webb

High-quality Carpeting in Lethbridge

Full, luxurious plush carpets. Creating spaces that inspire comfort and warmth with texture and softness.


No other flooring compares to the luxurious feeling of a carpet. There is no substitute in terms of sound absorption, warmth and overall comfort and with so many different colours, materials and designs you are sure to find the perfect complement to your home.

Deluxe Design Center also offers designer custom area rugs. You choose the size, shape and carpet and we can create it for you. Beautiful rugs with unique patterns or gorgeous wool we have it all.

The top Carpet trends

Benefits of Carpet

Rest assured, we possess the ideal carpeting for every space within your home or office. Delve into the core benefits that carpeted floors  offer.

Soundproof and noise-absorbing

Carpet feels soft and friendly to the feet

Carpets absorb sound and padding further enhances the acoustic benefits to create peaceful space.

Grey Bedroom

Residential and


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