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Image by Scott Webb

Vinyl Plank

We carry the most trusted names in Vinyl Plank. Dura Classic, Dura Vista Plank, Dura Flex Floor, Harbinger, Magna, Pravada, WPC Vinyl.

These vinyl planks have been designed to mimic the real wood look with their colours and textures.

   We offer full glue down applications, loose lay and the newest water proof click vinyl plank options.
Vinyl plank flooring offers wide planks and neatly textured wire brush stokes and combines the beauty of real wood with simple funcionality and installation.


Click Vinyl

Click vinyl plank flooring is an engineered, floating vinyl. This means that there is no need for complex tools, nails, or glue. Simply line the locking system grooves together and lower the planks to the floor. Another advantage is you can walk on your floor right after installation. Click vinyl flooring will work in every area of your home. Mudrooms, bathrooms, and entryways are no longer off limits when it comes to getting a beautiful wood-like look while ensuring durability. Warmth and water resistance properties make it a very popular choice for any room in the house.

Loose Lay

Loose lay vinyl planks are a unique product that do not rely on any fasteners, adhesive or even tongue and groove mechanisms to hold themselves in place. These thick vinyl rectangles simply lay in position on a floor, and remain there once installed.


Glue Down Vinyl

Vinyl plank is the fastest growing trend suitable for both commercial and residential usage. It is designed to last with its high density backing and fibreglass reinforcement. Many glue down vinyls are also suitable for radiant heat. This flooring is perfect for any busy household. Vinyl plank gives you the warm comforting look of hardwood with the reliability of being waterproof and extremely durable.


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